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The Mach family started a small luxury roasting house in the early 1940s in Viet Nam. Very quickly it became one of the most famous roasters in Phan Rang.

Today the granddaughter of the initial owner is still running this house with the same spirit and passion as her grandfather in the early days.  Until recently sales remained local. Coffee shops and private customers would pop into the small shop and order a few kilos… or a hundred of the Original ground.

Quality has always been prevalent and service a must.  Early 2012 the project of taking the brand to new steps was discussed and approved by the family.  Twelve months later this idea became reality, after many contacts had been made with local growers and contracts signed to secure the quality of the beans.

Today a range of 5 coffees, all natural and coming from Vietnam, cover most of the needs of their consumers, allowing them to appreciate a pure flavored Vietnamese coffee, a filter morning brew or different styles of espressos.